Announcing the 2011 Balanced Team Conference

We’re pleased to announce the first Balanced Team Conference. This event builds on our previous Agile UX retreat events, and represents the continuing growth and energy surrounding the balanced team thinking and movement, of cross-disciplinary whole-team work for healthy and successful teams.

Conference Theme: Getting Practical
During previous retreats, our focus has been on gaining a big-picture understanding of how Agile and UX methods can be unified.  Now, we’d like to shift gears to exploring the nuts and bolts of what makes Agile, Lean, and other forward-thinking design teams happy, healthy, and successful.

The event will be a combination of pre-selected sessions and open spaces unconference sessions.  We will be encouraging everyone who attends to come prepared to either give a talk, do a workshop, or participate in a panel, to share practical techniques that have helped their teams be successful, as well as techniques that have failed and the lessons that were learned.

For an update on the program topics and speakers, please click here.


This is a volunteer run event, and we depend on sponsorships to help us pay for food and supplies.  We’re grateful to the following generous individuals and organizations who make this event possible.

Hot Studio | Jeff PattonLUXrDesignMap | Carbon Five

Innovation Games Online

When and Where
The conference will take place Fri Sep. 23 – Sun Sep. 25, at the wonderful Hot Studio offices in San Francisco.


This event is now SOLD OUT. Information about the conference proceedings will be posted on this blog. You can also join the Balanced Team Google Group to join the conversation and learn about future events.

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