Resources for Broken Comb People

At the recent Balanced Team conference in Chicago, a popular theme was “broken comb people.” In response to the idea of the “T-shaped designer” who has deep expertise in one area and familiarity with many areas, Jared Spool proposed that modern teams require people with wider range of functional skills.

At the un-conference portion of the event, I facilitated an activity to collect learning resources the participants personally used and found helpful to broaden their skillset. Here’s the list for your reference and reading enjoyment!

Ways To Learn


Typography and Graphic Design

  •  Kuler, browse color combinations
  • Dribble, show and tell for designers
  • 300 Mobile Icons, Bill Reid, great for quick icons (could not find a link, sorry!)
  • What the Font, figure out what a font is from a sample, explore fonts by characteristics
  • FFFFound, inspiration, has a great mobile app
  • Pintrest for design and typography inspiration
  • Evernote, keep track of your audio, pictures and notes anywhere
  • Behance, online portfolio site, use for design inspiration
  • Gimmie Bar, good for bookmarking things you like
  • Lost Type, great, free typefaces

Front End Development

Photo of stickies

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