Balanced Team Brunch NYC

April 14 2013, a group of Balanced Team members met at the offices of Neo, NYC for a social gathering and mini-unconference on topics of interest: Agile+UX+Lean Startup. We enjoyed bagels and coffee and collected topics of interest which we then discussed in fishbowl conversation format. Below, please find a photo and a list of topics provided by the group.

Fishbowl Topics

Please write a topic (or two) of interest for today

  • Embedding marketing
  • Unicorns – what are they – do you need ’em?
  • Product owner teams – report from the field
  • Live style guides first movement
  • Timing of design thinking vs. lean
  • Making vs. thinking: pace & vanity progress
  • If our currency is shared understanding, let’s talk about quality & values
  • Lane’s “learn to code” trip report
  • Product manager vs project manager?
  • Product manager/owner think they are the customer (no research)
  • Care & feeding of the engine of construction
  • How to effectively bring designers into Agile/Lean development?
  • Convincing management to build NEW products that solve a problem (aka not Facebook for pets)
  • Josh, Giff, Jeff should buy a makerbot
  • Convincing management that user research is good when they are scared you won’t come off as experts (B2B)
  • How do we assess what is the “minimum desirable things” that will convince users and/or sponsors?

You can see a set of photos from the event on Meetup.

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