Balanced Team Sunday Salon NYC April 13

We’re very excited to announce that the next Balanced Team event in NY will be a Sunday Salon on 4/13 at Pivotal Labs in Chelsea. On the heels of The LeanUX Conference, Balanced Team will hold a one-day synthesizing symposium to share ideas, socialize, and continue the conversation.

The plan: gather everyone for brunch (Bagels! Mimosas!). Generate topics of interest. Split into small groups based on topic. Discuss in groups, and create a poster. Present a summary of the poster. Go home, chill out, enjoy what’s left of the weekend. (Or maybe head to the bar w/ your Balanced Team friends!) Plus a helping of the Balanced Team fixtures (Welcoming new community members! Fishbowls! Closing circle!) that’re starting to become community rituals.

We’re announcing the salon to the BT community first. In a few days, we’ll announce to the LeanUX conference Tickets are $10, and available via Eventbrite. Scholarships are available if the cost is a hardship; just email me off-list. Event details will be managed through Lanyrd.

Please join us!


09:00 SET UP
10:00 DOORS (45m) brunch, socializing
10:45 WELCOME (30m) Balanced Team history, introduce CONVERSATION ACTIVITY
11:15 GENERATE (30m) start to generate topics, (put topic and NAME OF PROPOSER on sticky)
11:45 DECIDE (15m) dot vote, assign topics and leaders to conversation areas
12:00 CONVERSATION ONE (30m): People start first break out sessions, facilitator makes poster
12:30 STAND-UP (15m): one speaker from group summarizes poster in a sentence. Next round of topics is circulated
12:45 BREAK (30m): snack, form 2rd groups
13:15 CONVERSATION TWO (30m): facilitator makes poster
13:45 STAND-UP (15m): each group gives a 1-sentence description
14:00 BREAK (15m): bring posters to central area, people can review/comment on posters
14:15 REASSEMBLE (15m): explain FISHBOWL
14:30 FISHBOWL (60m): moderated group discussion
15:30 CLOSING CIRCLE (30m): each person says one thing they will take forward
16:00 ANNOUNCEMENTS: Adios! What’s the next event? What’s the next bar? Off to the bar

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