Balanced Team / LeanUX NYC Social, April 15th 2015


In cooperation with LeanUX NYC, Balanced Team is hosting an evening of conversation and consumption on April 15th, 2015 from 6PM to 9PM. CompStak will host at 36 Cooper Square in Manhattan.

To facilitate conversation, we’ll follow the Lean Coffee format. The agenda is in your hands, so please bring your ideas or topics from the conference! Balanced Team experts from around the country will be on-hand for those interested in learning more.

And to facilitate consumption, beer, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be provided courtesy of Catalyst Group, CompStak and Pivotal Labs.

Space is limited and registration is open, so RSVP today.

Getting from LeanUX NYC to 36 Cooper Square

A Balanced Team tour guide will lead a group to 36 Cooper Square after the first day of the conference. Just keep an eye peeled and an ear open: we’ll rally somewhere at the conference venue and head over together.

To get there on your own…

  • Share a taxi or ride-share service. You can get from Brooklyn to Manhattan via the Williamsburg bridge. That’s 5 miles or 15 minutes without traffic ($15+ by taxi).
  • Take the subway. There are several routes that will work, depending on how far you want to walk, so check these Google Maps directions or buddy up with a local.
  • When you arrive, just look for the Village Voice building, and head to the 6th floor.

Balanced-Lean 2015 Map 36coopersq

For more information

Contact the event committee.

Learn more about Balanced Team and LeanUX NYC 2015.

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