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Balanced Team Conference 2011

A collection of all coverage and resources.

Presentations are up on Slideshare. Check out the #balconf search, and the Balanced Team channel.
The Lanyrd page for the event has an overview of the schedule, speakers, and links to the coverage.
Chris Nodder took great photos that you can find here on Flickr. If you took photos, please tag them with #balconf and add them to the photo group.
People were tweeting funny and smart things – check out the Twitter search for #balconf.

We’re working hard to get the videos for all sessions up. In the meantime, you can watch the videos from the uStream Livecast.

Below is the coverage and associated resources for each conference session.

What do we mean by ‘Balanced Teams’?

“My process journey – How I learned process isn’t what you think it is”
by Jeff Patton (AgileProductDesign)

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“Lean UX Landscape”
by Janice Fraser (LUXr)

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“Balanced Team at TheLadders.com”
by Greg Jones (TheLadders)

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Fishbowl: Jeff Patton, Janice Fraser (LUXr), Greg Jones (The Ladders)

Creating & sustaining Balanced Teams

“Lean UX Principles in Practice – SideReel’s iOS App Case Study”
by Zach Larson (Side Reel/Rovi)


“The client and us!? Applying a balanced team mindset in agencies”
by Johanna Kollmann (EMC Consulting)


“Building a startup’s balanced team culture from day one”
by Moses Hohman (Human Practice)

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Fishbowl: Zach Larson, Johanna Kollmann, Moses Hohman

Cross-functional success

“Cross-functional Pairing: What it is and why you should be doing it”
by Anders Ramsay (Independent), Jef Bekes (ThoughtWorks), Michael Long (ThoughtWorks)

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“Including Marketing & Advertising on Balanced Teams”
by Dale Larson (Startup Happiness)

Fishbowl: Anders Ramsay, Jef Bekes, Michael Long, Dale Larson

Balanced requirements

“Transforming UX integration from reaction to strategy”
by Desirée Sy (Autodesk)

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“Test-driven design”
by Joshua Seiden (LUXr)

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“Hybrid Interviewing”
by Lane Goldstone (LUXr)

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Fishbowl: Desirée Sy, Joshua Seiden, Lane Goldstone

Balanced planning

“Story Maps & Backlog Co-ordination”
by Shawn Crowley (Atomic Object)

Fishbowl: Shawn Crowley

Balanced skills

“Nordstrom Innovation Lab case study”
by Jeremy Lightsmith (Nordstrom Innovation Lab)

“UX Coaching: Helping developers become better generalists”
by Chris Nodder (Independent)
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Fishbowl: Jeremy Lightsmith, Chris Nodder

Multi-track sessions

“Design Charrette”
by Michael Long (ThoughtWorks) and Anders Ramsay (Independent)

“The UXI Matrix: An Information Radiator for Agile UX”
by Jon Innes (UX Innovation)

“UX in an Agile Environment”
by Jonathan Berger (Pivotal Labs)

“Quick, Easy, Valuable User Testing of Design Concept”
by Steve McKiernan (Health Net Inc.)

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