Design Metrics

Design can move the needle.  It can drive sales, retain customers and impact referrals.

To prove that design is driving business, you need specific, targeted data.  We often test conversions by A/B testing two different layouts or copy variations.  But, there is another layer to these metrics – the emotional resonance of design.  Aesthetics can play a profitable role in customer interactions.  Designers take great care in establishing and evolving a brand.  Yet, we don’t have a strong rubric for measuring visual choices.

At the last Balanced Team, Andrew Korf presented how he was working through this challenge at NativeX and offered the topic up for an open space dialogue.  A group of us gathered to develop a framework for metrics-based design.  More specifically, we aimed to validate aesthetic design choices with data.

We’ve created a resource for this information and hope to build on it with your contributions.  Please feel free to add any ideas, blog posts or links in the comments here or tweet us @BalancedTeam with #DesignMetrics.

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  1. In today’s data driven world I am particularly interested in how we use near real time data feeds to inform the scientific method to prove out our design hypotheses or UX design decisions. I look forward to following this thread and participating in the design metrics conversation – Thanks for taking leadership on this Alexa.

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